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Temperature Detecting Systems are quickly becoming a necessity in all business and government buildings.  MSS offers a number of solutions to fit all budgets.  From Handheld devices to fully integrated turnstiles, MSS has you covered.  

Standalone Station : This system is an all-in-one system and utilizes a wrist module to detect the temperature.  It displays the temperature and face of the person being measured. ​  Relays can be set to trigger events in the event that a temperature is outside the threshold.  

Access Control/Standalone Station : This solution can control the behavior of an entrance door and will not only be able to detect temperatures but will also detect if someone is wearing a mask.  If a temperature is too high, or a mask is not worn, a message will be read aloud and the door will remained closed.

High-Volume Solution : MSS also offers a full NVR system with thermal cameras to help monitor multiple entry points, servicing a higher volume of people. Strageically placed cameras through your facility report back to one NVR displaying all information.

Facial Recognition Swing Barrier :  Take your Thermal Detection System to the highest level with this barrier controlled system.  Utilizing turnstiles, this system controls access to a building by rejecting personnel that do not pass a temperature test as well as can be controlled by existing access control systems.

Partners: Inaxsys Storm



Most of our systems have the capability of using smartphones to access the software. From opening doors, adding/removing users, disarming alarms, and checking video footage, MSS has you covered remotely from the palm of your hand!



We pride ourselves in our installation professionalism. Cumulatively our team has hundreds of years of experience. This experience helps us be more efficient, giving you a more cost-effective solution, without sacrificing quality.


As much of the technology world is moving to the cloud, so is security! MSS is proud to offer cloud solutions for all of our Security Systems. Contact us today to find out how a cloud solution can help your security budget!



We understand how important it is that your systems are up and running, providing a secure environment for you and your employees. MSS offers SLAs that guarantees response times and helps budget planning. Contact us today to find out how you can be proactive with your security system.



MSS monitors all of our alarm systems around the clock via our 5 Diamond Certified UL Listed and FM Approved central station, located in Statesville, North Carolina. Contact us today to learn about our rates for monthly monitoring.



With a strong background in Information Technology, MSS is on the cutting edge of new security technologies. Wireless technology continues to improve with each passing year. MSS offers a variety of wireless products, providing solutions cabling problems. 

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