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Safety is a vital and necessary need for any business or corporation. It is not only a key measure to keep your sensitive information and belongings safe, but effective security devices can also create that all important peace of mind. 


Midwest prides itself on being at the forefront of innovative modern technology and ensuring that our security strategies and solutions are of paramount importance.

We provide a number of services for business and government purposes, and we can guarantee that no job is too small, too large or beyond our extensive realms of expertise.

Access Control Systems : Access Control is a very important security measure that all businesses should consider in their security plan. Not only can it reduce the cost of re-keying doors, it can also assist in auditing employee whereabouts. MSS offers robust and scalable systems, designed to fit any business security strategy.

Video Surveillance : The technology in cameras continues to improve each year. What was once a unintelligent device that recorded video, cameras have become smart devices offering an array of analytics and features to help secure your business.  Pair these devices with a robust NVR and VMS, and the possibilities are limitless.

Intrusion Detection : MSS understands the importance of securing assets. Our state of the art security systems and UL Rated Monitoring Station provides you piece of mind, knowing your business is secure. Our mobile app allows you to see events in real time, giving you up to the minute status on your building security.

Intercom Systems : Intercom systems are a great compliment to access control systems, giving you the ability to communicate and see guests before providing access to the building. Whether it's a simple one door solution to a complex 100 door, 1000 station system, MSS has you covered.

Fire Alarm Systems : At MSS, we take the safety of every life seriously. Our fire systems are designed in accordance with local and city codes to provide you with a comprehensive fire alarm system. MSS has partnered with Potter to provide our customers with state of the art fire alarm systems, that take a proactive approach to fire monitoring.

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