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Access control systems are a discreet, user-friendly yet powerful way to manage access to doors, gates, cabinets and much more. In many cases, the use of an access control system can reduce extensive costs of re-keying doors when employees are terminated. Through the use of schedules and access lists, you can rest easy knowing that your building is protected.​

The benefits of a premium access control system from Midwest should not be underestimated. Some advantages include:

  • Allowing for the limitation or restriction of personnel within chosen areas of the premises

  • Through the use of remotely activated electronic locks, the access control software can enable temporary access to specified areas of the building while the remainder remain locked down

  • The system can provide the immediate cancellation of any access pass at any time

  • It provides an additional invaluable facet of security and safety

  • It can be set to record all activity and provide time monitoring and the supervision of human traffic

The experts at Midwest can utilize their extensive experience within the industry to provide solutions and recommendations for security integrations for all business types.

Partners: Kantech, Software House, ICT, HID



Most of our systems have the capability of using smartphones to access the software. From opening doors, adding/removing users, disarming alarms, and checking video footage, MSS has you covered remotely from the palm of your hand!



We pride ourselves in our installation professionalism. Cumulatively our team has hundreds of years of experience. This experience helps us be more efficient, giving you a more cost-effective solution, without sacrificing quality.


As much of the technology world is moving to the cloud, so is security! MSS is proud to offer cloud solutions for all of our Security Systems. Contact us today to find out how a cloud solution can help your security budget!



We understand how important it is that your systems are up and running, providing a secure environment for you and your employees. MSS offers SLAs that guarantees response times and helps budget planning. Contact us today to find out how you can be proactive with your security system.



MSS monitors all of our alarm systems around the clock via our 5 Diamond Certified UL Listed and FM Approved central station, located in Statesville, North Carolina. Contact us today to learn about our rates for monthly monitoring.



With a strong background in Information Technology, MSS is on the cutting edge of new security technologies. Wireless technology continues to improve with each passing year. MSS offers a variety of wireless products, providing solutions cabling problems. 

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