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FLIR'S PTZ Thermal Camera

Flir, a company that describes themselves as "Pioneers in Thermal Imaging," has released a new Pan Tilt Zoom Thermal Camera! The company has been developing and engineering thermal imaging products for many years, and have now integrated this technology into their FLIR TCX Camera. Thermal imaging allows the camera to see in complete darkness, low contrast scenes, rain, snow and light fog. The camera will even see through heavily landscaped areas!

Below are some of the other highlight features of the TCX Model:

- Available in both 640 x 480 and 320 x 240 resolutions

- Continuous 360° pan; up to 400°/sec, -15° to 90° tilt, auto-flip 180°; 300°/sec - 4x continuous eZoom

- Compatible with ONVIF Profile S IP, MPX (HDCVI) and analog VMS systems

- No illumination required; outperforms visual cameras at night, in challenging lighting conditions, low-contrast scenes, inclement weather and heavily landscaped areas

- Works with legacy intrusion detection technology by providing clear visual imagery of detected motion or activity 24/7

Contact Us today to learn more about this camera and how it's thermal imaging can aid your security needs.

Picture courtesy of www.flir.com


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