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WiFi 6 Just Launched: What It Means For You

WiFi 6 is here!

With the holidays coming up soon new phone season will be upon us as various companies scramble for your hard-earned dollars. Phones that are coming out this year include items like multiple screens, multiple camera lenses, and support for WiFi6.

What is WiFi6?

Wifi 6 is the new wifi standard also known as 802.11

In 1997 when WiFi was introduced it was called 802.11 as introduced by the IEEE (Institue of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

For easier consumer recognition, the former standards are also being associated with easier names retroactively. Before you would see products often with tech specs that showed "Support for Wifi 802.11 A/B/G meaning it worked on what will now be known as WiFi 1, 2, or 3 but not 4 or 5.

WiFi 1: 802.11b

WiFi 2: 802.11a

WiFi 3: 802.11g

WiFi 4: 802.11n

WiFi 5: 802.11ac

WiFi 6: 802.11ax

WiFi 6 is predicted to bring faster WiFi speeds at about a 30% increase over the current technology (WiFi 5) with potential download speeds of 10GB per second in ideal conditions. This is ideal for emerging technologies such as cloud-based gaming and streaming 4k video.

To achieve this the WiFi 6 router increased the number of bits that it can deliver in each transmission. It is important to note that you are still limited by the rate of your internet service provider so using this technology is only recommended if your ISP has fast enough speeds to make use of it as well.

Another improvement in WiFi 6 is also that it better shares device access to the internet simultaneously to cut down on latency. It can also use the spatial differences between devices to tailor what info it receives. Smart devices are also being improved on in a WiFi 6 environment. Smart devices that regularly ping your router will be put on a schedule for communication to ease congestion on the network.

This makes WiFi 6 great for places with lots of devices. Locations such as airports, stadiums, large venues and those using WiFi 6 compatible devices will get the most out of these locations if upgraded to WiFi 6. In Midwest Security Services industry of security integration, WiFi 6 will allow for higher quality cameras to be used on segregated WiFi networks for the camera systems we deploy that require wireless technology. For home users, unless you are paying for the highest of internet speeds and connecting a lot of devices, WiFi 5 (Formally known as 802.11ac) will serve you just fine for now. Development of WiFi 7 is already in progress.


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